Seize the Opportunity & Retake Control

We know what you’re going through. We see it every day.

Like many homeowners, your home may no longer be worth what you paid for it. Yet you’re stuck with a mortgage that’s increasingly difficult to pay each month.

Are you behind on your payment? Threatened with foreclosure? In danger of losing everything you’ve put into your home? Facing catastrophic damage to your credit rating?

Helping homeowners just like you is what we do best

Your Accredited Advocates dedicated Client Success Manager works with you to create a multi-step plan to resolve your mortgage debt problems.
  • Step 1: We halt foreclosure proceedings for up to 6 months. You gain time to find an effective recovery strategy.
  • Step 2: We help you realistically assess your financial situation, so you can make the best possible decisions about your future.
  • Step 3: We help you explore your options and decide the most practical choice for resolving your mortgage problems.
  • Step 4: With our assistance, you can eliminate your negative equity mortgage, begin to rebuild your credit, and position yourself for new home ownership much sooner.

Take the first step to rebuilding your future today

Contact Accredited Advocates today and speak with one of our Client Success Managers. Learn how we can help you get back on the road to financial recovery and a better future for you and your family.