What is the difference between inspectors?

There can be a drastic difference between inspectors. Many states do not require any special license or require any special training to inspect homes. In short if you want to inspect peoples homes it requires nothing more than a business license. Accredited Advocates is owned and operated by an InterNACHI Certified inspector which means that we hold ourselves to internationally recognized expectations and standards of performance.

What is Thermal Imaging or ir scanning?

Thermal imaging is performed with a device that can process temperature signatures and display them in a color spectrum on the equipment which is then interpreted by the technician. Thermal cameras are not handheld x-ray machines and they do not emit radiation (they can’t see thru walls or solid materials). They analyze infrared emissions of temperature above absolute zero in wavelengths that exist outside the visible spectrum of light. While the equipment is available to purchase without any certification or license, it does require a combination of training and construction knowledge to effectively interpret the images. At Accredited Advocates we use Infrared Certified technicians and incorporate over a decade of construction knowledge into our inspections.

Well what is a home inspection?

In a nutshell it is the inspection or examination of the home’s major structural system and components that can be safely evaluated. An inspection should include a written report of findings either electronically or otherwise. The report typically will include findings, photographs and/or recommendations in connection with the inspection. Accredited Advocates adheres to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice which are governed by Inspector Code of Ethics and nationally recognized standards of construction.

why would i want one?

Simply put… To protect what is typically your single biggest investment you will ever make. An experienced and knowledgeable home inspect can discover defects and deficiencies that can affect the value of the home dramatically. You could say that a home inspection by a qualified inspector can be an early warning of deficiencies that if addressed early on can prevent major repairs in the future. Some defects can take upwards of 10 years before the average person would see the tale tale signs of the defect and so early detection is a valuable thing to have on your side. What is that saying about an ounce of prevention and the whole regret part?

How do i know if the inspector i am considering is qualified?

There is always the good old fashioned method we call word of mouth. You know the typical…I know a guy who does that. Suffice it to say that there are many inspectors in the business and along with that you will discover a wide spectrum of qualifications and experience. There are definitely inspectors that have extensive construction experience, but no formal training as to key systems to identify and report on. Likewise there are inspectors that either just pay for a business license and set up shop or just try to conduct inspections “under the radar” so to speak and hope that nobody notices. The fact that someone performs home inspections does not mean they are qualified.

Think about it this way. If you had saved up your money to have a medical procedure performed. Would you go to the cheapest doctor or go to a person that says they have been working a long time in the medical field and call it good? Of course not! You would probably want to be sure that the person had gone thru some formal training, has had experience and success in that field and that their training and experience could be substantiated. Finding a home inspector is not one of those things that you want to look back on with regret.

Ask the inspector you are considering if they or their organization are not just licensed, but also if they are certified and insured? What training have they obtained? Are they a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)? What is their background? If they are certified, they will likely be proud of the time and effort that goes into that certification and they will be happy to share their credentials that qualify them for the job. InterNACHI inspectors undergo intense training in order to become a CPI and are expected to adhere to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. The InterNACHI organization is the largest and most trusted association of home inspectors in the world and inspectors that receive the CPI designation thru InterNACHI have proven their qualifications thru practical application, exams and extensive education tools that are respected and recognized for their high standards.